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How to Best Choose a Boiler suitable for your house

A lot of people get confused when choosing a boiler. one plumber says one thing the other something totally different. Here’s my quick guide to choosing the boiler suitable for you.

To break it down think about it as a car. you have different brands such as Mercedes and BMW. Then you have different models in the respected brands, furthermore you the different Engine Sizes n that particular model.

Simple Basics of Boiler Types.

Assuming its Natural Gas.

The main 2 options

Combi – Instant hot water and heating

System-  Hot water  Via Storage cylinder (usually indirect unvented) and heating on demand too.

Generally smaller properties and those with less Hot water demand can use Combi Boilers as they are cheaper and less expensive to fit. As well as less things can go wrong.

However on properties where hot water demand is higher and multiple outlets are needed simultaneously, a system boiler with hot water storage is by far the best way to go.

once you decide to go combi or system. then its time to choose your brand.

The general top 6 brands would include

  • Vaillant
  • Worcester
  • Viessmann
  • ATAG
  • Intergas
  • Baxi/Main

There are also other more reputable brands out there and this list is not limited.

From here on wards you can choose by asking friends and family or what your heating engineer recommends. Although this can vary hugely from installer to installer.

Smart Or Not

The big buzzword for 2019 is ‘Smart’ controls. the internet of things

The options in the market are vast and they also cater for all markets with different functionalities. Controls can be integrated with home systems inc the likes of Amazon Alexa, Google home and so on.

Modulation of boilers and running of heating for lower temperatures over a longer period is the trend moving on wards from here. Its all about comfort heat and not losing heat in the home. The Vaillant Green Iq with VSmart is an example of This. Its not limited to this as some Viessmann models have a great level of control for the more avid users.

Worcester are also going to disrupt the market with their New Generation 8000 Life Style Range of Boilers. Will they do to the industry what Apple and the iPhone did to phones of past. its the first time a manufacturer has really pushed out the boat for the physical appearance of a boiler. Lets wait and see the reaction.